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The first series of Doctor Who: Rebooted aired after the last episode of the old Doctor Who.


After J.J. Abrams became executive producer of the new rebooted Doctor Who, he appointed his team of Lost writers to write for the new Doctor Who series.


Since Abrams had already given his Lost writers the job of writing Doctor Who, he also used the cast from Lost as well. The First Doctor would begin the series, so J.J. gave Naveen Andrews the role. Andrews signed a 12-episode contract that lasted for a year.

Michelle Rodriguez was cast to play Ana Lucia Cortez, Abrams thought "what the hey, I'm using everyone from Lost, no need to make up new character names".


1 "Collapse"
"Into the Cove"
2 episodes Adam Horowitz
The Doctor helps a team of NYPD cops, led by Ana Lucia Cortez, to get civilians off of the Manhattan bridge which is collapsing thanks to an unidentified sea creature.

The creature takes The Doctor and Ana Lucia down into the depths of the sea, and into it's cove, the creature explains it is not of this world.

2 "The Cult of Eden" 1.3 1 episode Adam Horowitz
After the sea creatures warning, The Doctor and Ana Lucia travel to the past were an sacred cult in Italy predict the doom of Earth.
3 "Attack of the Abominable Snowmen" 1.4 1 episode Paul Dini
The Doctor takes Ana Lucia to the icy planet of Ousifa, where the native people are currently at war with abominable snowmen.
4 "The Quantum Theory" 1.5 1 episode Adam Horowitz
The Doctor gets a message from a group of scientists in the future who have been tracking The Doctor's whereabouts and need his help before they destroy the planet with their experiments.
5 "Breaking the Continuum" 1.6 1 episode Paul Zbyszewski
After the death of her beloved uncle, a distraught Ana Lucia asks The Doctor to take her back in time and save him, even if breaks the space-time continuum.
6 "Invasion of Earth" 1.7 1 episode Jeff Pinkner
The Doctor gets word from the scientists that the governments have received a threat message from out of space aliens.
7 "Nowhere to Run" 1.8 1 episode Brent Fletcher
The Doctor and Ana Lucia travel fifty years into the future in New York City, where a young girl with psychic abilities is terrorising the neighbourhoods.
8 "Riddles" 1.9 1 episode Kyle Pennington
While in the TARDIS, Ana Lucia gets pulled out and transported to an unknown location, the alien capturers riddle the Doctor to get her back.
9 "To Catch a Time Traveller" 1.10 1 episode Brian K. Vaughan
Ana Lucia goes back home to spend time with her family, she discovers that they have been tracking The Doctor with help from the scientists and are looking to arrest him.
10 "The Dalek Warrior"
"Extermination of Earth"
2 episodes Adam Horowitz
The Doctor and Ana Lucia materialise in an old World War II army base in Germany where the Nazi have just "designed" their new weapon, a Dalek warrior.

The Doctor and Ana Lucia travel back to the present and find the same war base where the Dalek was incarcerated, the Dalek sees the Doctor and calls for a full-scale invasion of Earth.

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