The Doctor
The First Doctor
Portrayed by Naveen Andrews
First appearance "Collapse"
Last appearance "Extermination of Earth"
Number of series 1
Appearances 10 stories (12 episodes)
Companions Ana Lucia Cortez
Succeeded by Second Doctor
Series Series 1

The First Doctor is the first incarnation of The Doctor, portrayed by Naveen Andrews who appears in a total of 12 episodes in the first series.


Little is known about the Doctor's past, other than he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, while Naveen Andrews played the Doctor in Series 1, he only mentioned the planet Gallifrey and the Time Lords twice, once in "Into the Cove" and another while addressing the Daleks in "Extermination of Earth".


The personality of the First Doctor is very strong, intelligent and kind. However, the First Doctor also finds it hard to trust and believe people, and example from "The Cult of Eden" episode when The Doctor rejects the prophecy completely about Earth's inpending doom. 


The First Doctor sacraficed his life to save humaity, an act he would go down in history for, but he did not die, The First Doctor regenerated into the Second Doctor after being shot by the Dalek High General at the end of "Extermination of Earth".

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