Series Doctor Companion Third
Series 1 First Doctor
(Sayid Jarrah)
Ana Lucia Cortez
Series 2 Second Doctor
(Benjamin Linus)
Series 3
Series 4 Juliet Burke
Series 5
Series 6
Series 7 Rose & Bernard Nadler
Series 8 Third Doctor
(Richard Alpert)
Series 9 Juliet Burke
Series 10
Series 11 Fourth Doctor
(Miles Straume)
Rose Nadler
Series 12 Fifth Doctor
(Daniel Faraday)
Series 13 Charlotte Lewis
Series 14 Frank Lapidus
Series 15 Sixth Doctor
(Hugo Reyes)
Libby Smith
Series 16
Series 17 Rose Nadler
Series 18 Mr. Eko
Series 19 Claire Littleton
Series 20 Seventh Doctor
(Charlie Pace)
Series 21
Series 22 Eloise Hawking
Series 23 Michael Dawson & Walt Lloyd
Series 24 Helen Norwood
Series 25 Eighth Doctor
(Boone Carlyle)
Series 26 Rose Nadler
Series 27
Series 28 Michael Dawson
Series 29 Nikki Fernandez
Series 30 Nikki & Paulo Fernandez
Series 31 Shannon Rutherford
Series 32
Series 33 Libby Smith
Series 34 Ninth Doctor
(James "Saywer" Ford)
Series 35 Tenth Doctor
(Desmond Hume)
Alexandra Rousseau
Series 36 Jin & Sun Kwon
Series 37 Kate Austen
Series 38 Eleventh Doctor
(John Locke)
Series 39 Twelfth Doctor
(Jack Shepard)
Series 40 Danielle Rousseau
Series 41
Series 42 Sun Kwon
Series 43 Penelope Hume
Series 44 Eloise Hawking
Series 45 Thirteenth Doctor

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